Top 5 Best Hunting Boots

Boots are one of the most important things to have before you hit the mountains. Bad footwear can lead to a quick ending to your hunt. From blisters to rolled ankles a good boot is key to keeping your feet ready for the next day’s hunt.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to boots. There are top-of-the-line boots like Crispi, Zamberlan, and Kenetrek. My second-tier boots would be Danner, Irish Setter, all make great boots when on a budget.

  1. Danner
  2. Irish Setter
  3. Crispi
  4. Kenetrek
  5. Zemberlan


Danner holds a special space in my heart. The first 8 to 10 years of my hunting journey started in a pair of Danners. I actually still have the pair setting in my closet they are a bit tight nowadays

For the price point, it’s hard to beat a pair of Danner boots. Danners Vital Uninsulated Is a great lightweight hunting boot. It’s 100% Waterproof and with a stiff sole and high ankle support its a boot great for the warm desert hunts to a rugged mountain hunt.

Irish Setter

Irish Setters Trailblazer Uninsulated Waterproof Boot provides a great mid-tier Hunting boot. 100% waterproof and with a fast break-in period, these boots make for a great everyday boot to a multi-day hunting boot. At this price point, the Irish Setter holds their own with a very high-quality boot.


I am new to the Crispi Brand but man I’m impressed. I am 1 month into my first pair of Nevada GTX Boots. They are very stiff boots that have a lite break-in period but still very comfortable during the break-in period. As my dad said ” they feel like what 400 dollar boots should feel like” I plan to have these boots for years to come.


Like the Crispi boot, the Kenetrek lineup is top of the line and extremely well made. Kenetreks Mountain Extreme NI Waterproof Uninsulated Is the perfect Extreme Terrain Boot. Its high ankle support and stiff sole make for perfect for the most difficult terrain.


Zamberlan Men’s Lynx GORE-TEX RR BOA Uninsulated Hunting Boots comes in on my list mainly because of quality and the BOA lacing system. The BOA makes for quick on and off, also you don’t have to worry about your boots coming untied. I love the option to loosen the boot up to get some air after a hike to my glassing spots.

Note- I went with an uninsulated boot for my choices. reason being I spend most of my time either hiking or glassing. Also, my feet run very hot and have never been able to be comfortable in an insulated boot. Keep in mind that most of these boots do come in insulated versions.

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