Top 9 Must Have Items In My Hunting Pack

Let’s be honest I have a gear addiction. I am always looking for gear that will make my hunting adventure more enjoyable, efficient, and safe. Now, this isn’t a list of big items like binoculars, a rifle, ammo, or clothing. More of a list of the little things that make my hunt come together.

  1. Knife and Sharpener
  2. Paracord
  3. First Aid Kit and Fire Starter
  4. Head Lamp and Flashlight
  5. GPS
  6. Water Filter
  7. Seat Cushion
  8. Tape
  9. Wet Wipes

I Carry a second knife 100% of the time. The last thing you want to do is reach in your pocket for your knife and find that it is not there. I have had a knife fall out of my pocket and left my knife in another pair of pants back at camp. I always keep a second knife and Small sharpener in the same spot in my pack. The Two Sharpeners that I have listed below are quick fixes when in a pickle or to touch up your knife when field dressing. I have used both the Work Sharp and the Sharpal both work great for in the field use. I currently Have the Sharpal in my pack because of the multiple uses. As for the Knife, I run the Outdoor Edge, why you might ask well this is my second/emergency knife and I want to know I will have a sharp edge no matter what. I went with the Outdoor Edge over the Havolon due to the ease of switching the blades.

I can’t tell you the number of times that Paracord has helped me in the woods from hanging meat to holding my pants up because my belt broke. It can be used for more things than I would be able to list or that you as a reader would want to read. I keep about 50ft in my pack at all times. I picked up a 1000ft spool a few years ago and I use it all the time. I pick brighter colors which makes it easier to spot when in the woods.

This is the one Item that I hope I never have to use but if I do I need to know I have everything I need in case of an emergency. A well-stocked first aid kit should be carried by everyone that hunting, hiking, or just out cell service. You can always customize your first aid kit but I like to carry QuikClot Gauze. I also like to keep a fire starter, well multiple types. I always carry a lighter in my pocket and in my pack but I also carry other types like Flint and steel and PYROPUTTY which makes it easier to start fires.

From hiking out to following a blood trail having a good headlamp is important to make it back safe. I carry a headlamp, a small flashlight, and extra batteries. I picked up the Coast XPH30R two seasons ago and I have not been disappointed. It’s very bright and has a great battery life, I like that it can run on a rechargeable battery or two CR123 Batteries. I also carry a small flashlight as a backup to my headlamp. I picked this flashlight up a few months ago and have found it to be very bright, lightweight, and durable.

Technology is an amazing thing from tracking your location or sending out an SOS message with a push of a button. I don’t use a typical GPS system but I do keep two things on me at all times in the woods. First my cell phone with The onX hunting maps app. The second is a Gramin inReach Mini, It allows you to send two-way text messages and tracks your location. In case of an emergency, you can hit the SOS button that alerts help and sends your location. Keep in mind that this does require a subscription but it is worth every penny in my opinion.

Last fall I had the opportunity to do a 4-day backpack hunt. We had a few different water filtration systems, my favorite was the Sawyer SP160. It is small lightweight and worked exactly how it should have. We used the 1 Gallon bag to fill our CamelBaks and for cooking food. As for now, this is my choice for Water Filters.

A few years back I was walking to the check-out line at Sportsman’s Warehouse and right by the register was the Kyymit V Seat on sale. I grabbed two, one for myself and one for my dad, why not. They are great they are comfortable and surprisingly durable, well worth the money. It helps you stay dry on the hind end plus it works great as a mid-day napping pillow.

Duct Tape is pretty self-explanatory, The applications for it are endless I keep about 10ft wrapped around a piece of cardboard.

From a quick day trip to a week in the woods, when it’s time it’s time. Having a good wet wipe really gives you that refreshing feeling. I really like the Combat Wipes they are 100% biodegradable and leave you fresh and clean.

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